WordPress Shift Scheduling Plugin

Shift Scheduling Plugin

ShiftController is staff scheduling, roster management, rota planning plugin for WordPress for any business that needs to manage and schedule employees. All you need is a website with WordPress to start keeping your staff scheduling under control anywhere at anytime online!


ShiftController with professional shifts scheduling features provides a cost-effective, accurate and reliable online self-hosted WordPress solution for small and medium-sized organizations such as restaurants, fire departments, medical practices, entertainment parks, cleaning services, and more.

Powerful yet Simple

Organize everything with calendars. Calendars can be used to represent locations, positions, skills, departments, or other categories to organize various types of shifts and time off.

Escape Schedule Conflicts

Quickly see and correct any conflicts due to overlapping shifts or time off. Each conflicting entry is highlighted in the schedule view so you won't miss it.

Flexible To Your Needs

Assign employees and managers to specific calendars only. Configure shift types. Filter and group schedule view by calendar, by employee, or by date range. Create multiple shifts at once. Translate it into your language, or change the English text just where you need it.

Open To Anything

One-way sync of your schedule to external calendars with iCal. Export data with live CSV or JSON feeds. Control shifts and timeoff with REST API and WordPress API. Find available employees with the REST API endpoint

Premium Features

Schedule Templates

Make a week schedule template, then apply the template to quickly create the full schedule for the next week. If a template shift was set to Open Shift then in the final confirm form you can choose an available employee to fill this shift.

Confirm template shifts

Custom Fields

Create additional fields to keep custom information about your shifts. These custom fields are configured separately per each calendar that allows you to have different information for various types of work in your schedule management system.

Flexible custom fields

Shift Trade and Pickup

An employee or a manager can register a pickup request for a shift. Then other employees can pick this shift up. It can be used as a system to fill in open shifts by employees themselves. Or it can work as shift trade between employees.

Employee requesting pickup of their shift

Schedule Limits

Apply limits on the number of shifts or total duration of shifts during a day, a week, or a month. A limit can be added for a specific employee, per each employee or as an overall limit for all employees. You can also choose a specific calendar where this limit is active.

Schedule limits

Recurring Shifts

The Repeat module offers a way to create new recurring shifts or repeat existing shifts. There are several recurring patterns, like daily, weekly, biweekly, x days on/y days off.

Recurring Shifts


ShiftController design is very flexible and allows to enhance or change its behaviour with add-on plugins. We already have a number of available add-ons:

Yes we know that one size doesn't fit all. So we are pleased to offer you custom modification service for our shift scheduling WordPress plugin. Please feel free to contact us if you need any sort of custom feature.

The base version of ShiftController is free. The Pro version adds more staff scheduling features for a reasonable, one-time payment. It is a viable alternative to online staff scheduling services as our WordPress plugin requires no monthly fees.

We constantly add new features and options to provide a dependable shift scheduling WordPress plugin that is easy to use yet features advanced staff calendar options at a reasonable price. If you need even more advanced options, please let us know, we will do our best to provide a custom cost-effective solution for all your employee scheduling needs.